Women’s Empowerment Program

Women’s Empowerment Program

Now is the time for women to break the barriers of self-limitation and achieve success. In our Women's Empowerment program, we will focus on skill building, access to information and resources, community action that position women as confident decision-makers and leaders in their homes, work and communities.

Our goal in this program is to see all women experience self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, and a powerful place in society. In our exciting, engaging, intensive and warm sessions we offer useful insights into how women of all ages and backgrounds can achieve this goal and make the coming years the most productive, fulfilling and empowering years ever.

“Inside of yourself is a smart, powerful, dynamic, capable, self-confident, alive, alert, beautiful, fabulous woman. Let her come out, shine and play. The world is waiting for you to embrace yourself and your dream.” - Rose Rawani

Our Women’s Empowerment Program will also give you:

  1. The tools for personal development and leadership, based on key themes of self-acceptance, self-management, and self-development.
  2. The tools, frameworks, and practices to help you navigate workplace challenges and to further your ability to lead, negotiate and influence with impact.
  3. A self-reflecting understanding and acceptance of your unique leadership style and strengths.
  4. The opportunity to network with like-minded professionals who are striving to drive gender balance in leadership positions..

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Some Of Our Tailored Programs Include

  • Power Up – Personal Empowerment for Women
  • Real Resilience – Learn How to Bounce Forward in the Face of Adversity
  • Communicate Confidently as a Woman – Mean What you Say and Say What you Mean!
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Stress as a Female in a Challenging World
  • Women in Business
  • Setting Realistic Goals for a Fantastic Future
  • Leading with Impact in Industry 4.0
  • Creating Top Teams – Creating Highly Performing Teams in your Organisation
  • Having Courageous Conversations to Deal Effectively with Difficult People
  • Stand and Deliver! Making Impactful Presentations
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Self-Care and Work-life Balance for Women
  • How to Create Wealth and Sustain it
  • 7 Steps to Creating Lasting Change
  • Advance Your Career and Earn the Money and Respect you Deserve

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