The Ultimate Speaker Program ™

The Ultimate Speaker Program ™


The Ultimate Speaker Program is for business leaders and professionals who want to develop their presentation and speaking skills. It is the training for you to discover how to speak from your heart and share your message. If it’s time to step into the spotlight with your speaking as a compelling, creative, powerful, charismatic, captivating speaker then this program is for you.

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Thinking about hiring a Keynote Speaker for your next business meeting, conference or event?

Rose is a professional speaker who aims to provide fresh insight and perspectives with a specific goal of reinforcing key program themes and driving positive change and growth in attendees.

Her approach is to provide both a shift in mindset and actionable tools that enable viewers to embrace professional transformation and personal growth. She has exceptional expertise in delivering inspiring messages in the form keynote speeches, breakout sessions, workshops, seminars, questions and answers sessions, training programs, master classes, panels and case studies

Her programs typically include a variety of professional topics from leadership to change management, sales, teamwork, performance management, effective recruitment, creating a high-performance culture and peak performance. Rose’s goal is to help both organisations and individuals by delivering thought-provoking solutions that can help all overcome adversity and improve business practices. Her areas of expertise are:

  • Motivational/ Inspirational speaking
  • Corporate and Educational speaking
  • Industry and community thought leadership
  • Training and Development

At AusInternational Consultancy Management Group, we maximise impact by providing customized program that’s tailored to incorporate both personalised business insight and the event’s corresponding theme. Crafting programs to match your organisation and audience allows presentations and messages to better resonate with your audience providing better context and makes it possible for them to take managable actions.

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We will always listen before we speak, getting to know your organisation and key stakeholders, listening to your concerns and challenges, and understanding your marketplace and corporate culture. By doing so, we can formulate our speech around these specifics and include stakeholders or audience feedback thereby heightening viewers empathy and interest.

Our Goals Are:

  • Setting a positive tone for new programs and ventures, and reinforcing event theme in ways that ultimately prove empowering.
  • Providing authoritative insight into new markets, trends, and topics.
  • Inspiring organisations, teams and individuals to heightened levels of performance, and driving ongoing growth and development.
  • Engaging and inspiring attendees, helping engender enthusiasm, providing fresh perspective and insight and offering incentive to overcome perceived limitation.
  • Raising awareness and support for topics, trends and ventures of rising interest throughout the industry and organisations.
  • Educating audiences and delivering positive leaning and skills transfer.
  • Conducting training workshops and seminars that impact new skills, talents, and insights to the organisation and its staff, partners, customers and team members.
  • Offering expert insight into evolving trends, opportunities, and issues that impact both individuals and corporate enterprises, giving audiences an advance look at what the future will bring as part of the industry 4.0

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