The Ultimate Business Influence Program ™

The Ultimate Business Influence Program ™


The Ultimate Business Influence Program is developed for sales professionals, experts, coaches, consultants, trainers and presenters who are ready for high end closes. It provides a guide for closing one-on-one clients, using an eight-step template and psychological triggers unique to this methodology. The program is presented in seven modules, including the language, the psychology, and the experience needed to create a high-end sales closing environment. It takes the ‘selling’ out of the conversation, so that the prospect makes the buying decision.

“Most people spend a lifetime trying to fit in - We believe that you were born to stand-out.” - Rose Rawani

Module 1: Fast Start Guide
The Fast Track Guide gives you a complete overview of the model, which means you can start applying it within moments of you joining. The Fast Start Guide includes the eight-step sales process and the 103 language patterns you can use when driving high-end sales.
Module 2: Preparing for Success
All great leaders successes have the mindset that causes results to be delivered, over and over again. This module guides you through what the ultimate mindset for success in sales takes, so that you can achieve maximum results.
Module 3: Connecting with your Buyer
All sales are built on the foundation of a strong relationship. In this module, you will discover exactly how the experts in sales build and maintain rapport, and create an environment for sales success.
Module 4: Mastering the Psychology of Buying
There is no sales script in the world that can replace understanding the psychological triggers that will create the buying decision. This module is the ultimate in driving huge sales results.
Module 5: Getting to ‘Yes’ with Persuasive Language
If you have experience in sales, you know there’s a difference between ‘selling’ language and language that causes the buying decision. The best sales people help their prospects make a buying decision that they want, rather than ‘pushing’ the sale. This module shows you exactly how to do this.
Module 6: Creating an Unforgettable Experience
People don't buy programs, courses, education or online courses, they buy an experience. They think they are buying a solution, and old school marketing tells you this is where to focus. But they’re really buying what the benefit of the solution will cause them to feel. This module shows you how to create that experience on the consultative call.
Module 7: The Ultimate Influence Framework
This module gives you the complete and comprehensive script for the Ultimate Influence system. It is 50 pages of value, with a thorough guide on when to use the language patterns, how to do it, why it works, how to overcome the objections and how to close.

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How do we ensure you have the best possible experience in this program?

We appreciate that people learn differently, so we’ve provided the content in different formats. All the manuals come with audios to support them, so you can download and listen to them when you choose.

For each module you will receive:
    A written manual

    Webinar recordings

    DVD recordings of the Live Training (Where Relevant)

    Transcripts of the DVD recordings

    Bonus interviews and videos

    Practical exercises

    Group mentoring recordings

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