The Disruptive Leadership Program ™

The Disruptive Leadership Program ™


The Disruptive Leadership Program will enable you to step up, lead and empower your team. Together, we work with you to develop your leadership capabilities, build outstanding culture, set benchkmarks for success, follow models of excellence, develop self-leadership skills and create future leaders. We also focus on how to achieve productivity and profits within your business.

“There has never been a more important time than today, to build leadership capability.” - Rose Rawani

Module 1: What Creates a Great Culture
Great companies are built on outstanding culture. Learn how teams develop a hunger for great results and create the environment they need for high performance.
Module 2: Benchmarks for Success
Structure gives your team the support it needs to do incredible things. Imagine working in a place where all of the day to day business activity is taken care of and your only responsibility is innovations and improvements.
Module 3: Models of Excellence
Modelling the success of others is a great place to start in any leadership journey. This module looks at the achievements of some of these industries greatest success stories.
Module 4: Your Leadership
Take a look at your own strengths and stretches. Personal leadership is about doing more for others allowing them to go on and inspire the extraordinary.
Module 5: Managers versus Leaders
Some people manage, others lead. Learn the difference and choose to become an outstanding leader.
Module 6: Your First 90 Days as a Leader
This is a guide for developing your team into leadership. The first 90 days are crucial for their success. Get them off to the best start and guide them to greatness.
Module 7: Your Bonuses
We have got some useful bonuses waiting for you.

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How do we ensure you have the best possible experience in this program?

We appreciate that people learn differently, so we’ve provided the content in different formats. All the manuals come with audios to support them, so you can download and listen to them when you choose.

For each module you will receive
    A written manual

    Webinar recordings

    DVD recording of Live Training (Where Relevant)

    Transcripts of the DVD recordings

    Bonus interviews and videos

    Practical exercises

    Group mentoring recordings

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