Lydia Ropiha

It was fantastic to work together with Rose on the Successful Migrants Career Acceleration Program. Her hands on approach and willingness to add value and take on the project and implement right through to the final stage was great to see. Rose's approach to career coaching, facilitation, motivational speaking, consulting, leadership development and her unique style to connect and empower individuals is powerful and inspiring. She is a great team player and passionate about people development and achieving maximum results. Look forward to our continuing relationship.

Dr. Ross Mckenzie

Rose is a people focused professional, with breadth and depth knowledge of human resource practices for Industry 4.0 that delivers real value for her clients.

Francesca MacPherson

I had the pleasure of working with Rose for approximately one year, in that time I got to work with a patient, hardworking and caring person. It was very easy and enjoyable to work with Rose and I enjoyed her company both professionally and personally, her understanding and compassion for people is truely unique. Rose’s professional ambition and maturity make her a great asset to any organisation.

Sin May Leong

Rose is a dedicated HR professional with a passion to coach and support employees and managers in building positive interpersonal relations. Her great listening skills, patience and willingness to support others is highly commendable. The level of respect she shows across diverse stakeholder groups embodies the heart of true HR and business partnership.

Tim Costigan

I found Rose to be smart, professional and very committed to delivering a consistently high level of service. She is easy to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Grace Soria

I have worked closely with Rose on several occasions relating to me and my team members' needs from the employment contracts and even my team's and my training needs. Rose is very detail-oriented, focused and has been a great source of information on everything HR related. In addition to this, Rose is confident, friendly and has great people skills. It's a pleasure working with her!

Ali Butt

Rose is an excellent leader, who inspires, mentors and drives her team to excel at all times. Her energy and passion are only second to his own expertise within leadership program. Great at setting the 'vision' right, the first time, and enabling all to deliver the best. Her will always be a leading asset for any organisation, a must have professional, for all team.

Been working with Rose for last 11 months, it has given me the tools to engage my team for better outcomes, adopt new skills into my personal and professional life, learn to self-reflect and understand how I work best and to better engage colleagues. She is interested in you and challenges you to be open to new ideas and ways to look at things. Rose is dedicated, self-motivated and consistently demonstrated a solid work ethic. She is not only a reliable and forward thinking HR professional but also an inspiring team player.

Con Nichols

Rose is a very powerful speaker with abundance of experience. Her passion and energy with her work always gets everyone inspired and motivate. Highly recommend her and she will be a massive asset in your business.

Priya Lingiah

I had the pleasure of working with Rose at EduCo. She’s a very passionate and dedicated person. I was particularly impressed by Rose’s ability to handle even the toughest situations.

Sue K

Rose is a fantastic HR professional who is dedicated and conscientious in her approach. Rose takes initiative to resolve problems efficiently and will constantly strive to achieve a win-win for all her stakeholders. When we worked together, Rose was a confident, thorough and very professional individual. She places genuine care into her work and wants to see her stakeholders are supported well. Rose offers very valuable and honest insight into HR matters and provides direction. It was a pleasure working with Rose as she comes across as a motivated HR expert who is driven by an intuitive need to deliver.

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